A systematic approach to problem solving

At Apgar CPA, we solve problems beyond the posting of financial information. We can walk with you through your processes to identify issues and eliminate unnecessary redundancies and systemic weaknesses.

A roofing company frequently experiences miscommunication between the sales, purchasing, contracting, and billing departments. Can they implement a single system to connect all of these functions and keep everyone on the same page?

A charitable organization tracks donors and pledges in a system that is separate from its accounting software, and must spend hours every month hunting down discrepancies between the two. Can that process be automated, and can they find other efficiencies that will improve their Program Efficiency Ratio?

A print shop has a large and growing customer base, but seems to be in a perpetual cash crunch. Do they have a pricing issue, a collections problem, an internal control deficiency, or are expenses just too high?

When you engage Apgar CPA to solve a particular problem, you may be pleased to find solutions to problems that you either didn’t know about, or didn’t think were easily fixable. In the example above, the roofing company could get a single system that not only manages the entire end-to-end process, but also manages their fleet of vehicles conveniently and inexpensively. The charitable organization could not just automate their donor relationships, but also dramatically simplify their payroll process. The print shop could solve their cash flow issues, and also discover a few tax advantages that save thousands of dollars per year.

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Apgar CPA is more than a tax or bookkeeping service. We provide comprehensive services that empower small businesses and nonprofits to grow and excel. We automate mundane tasks, streamline administrative processes, and establish data systems that product actionable information.

Advisory Services App Integrations
Advisory Services App Integrations
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Streamlined Payroll Bookkeeping
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Tax Preparation & Planning Automating Processes