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How do you feel about your accounting software?

A. My accounting software is very user friendly, and I have a thorough understanding of its inner workings, so I seldom have any problems with it. It also integrates seamlessly with all the other software/apps that I use to run my business.
B. I’ve figured out the necessary processes, but I know that the software is capable of producing more useful information in less time, if I could use its advanced functions.
C. The software is confusing and seems overly complex. I frequently find mistakes in my accounting information.
D. Does Excel count as accounting software?
That’s great! Apgar CPA strives to achieve this level of service for all of our clients.
As a Quickbooks Online Advanced Proadvisors, we are experts in setting up every facet of your accounting system. Whether you’ve been using professional software for years or are just now starting up your business, we can get your company up and running in a secure, cloud-based platform that is accessible on practically any internet-enabled device.