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How strong is your internal control environment?

A. Auditors marvel at the imperviousness of my internal controls. Any potential accounting mistakes or attempted fraud would be detected within a matter of hours and corrected just as quickly.
B. I have policies and procedures that generally separate recordkeeping, authorizations, and custody of assets, but I know that there’s always room to improve.
C. My business operates on trust, so I don’t have a lot of additional double checks and separations of duties to ensure that my employees are doing their jobs correctly.
D. I’m the only one who has access to any of my business assets or financial information, so I haven’t really needed to implement more elaborate controls.
That’s great! Apgar CPA strives to achieve this level of service for all of our clients.
Smaller organizations tend to be far more susceptible to financial mistakes or fraud because they often lack effective internal controls. Apgar CPA can identify the weaknesses in your internal control structure and provide solutions that dramatically reduce the likelihood of mistakes or fraud.