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How automated and paperless are your work processes?

A. My processes are as digital and automated as possible. All of my documentation flows electronically through the office and is highly organized and secure. A few years ago, I realized that we didn’t need as many printers, so I took some of them out to a field and reenacted that famous scene from Office Space.
B. Some of my processes are digital and streamlined, but I know there’s room to improve.
C. Some of my company’s documentation is digital, but a lot of processes use paper and information frequently has to be manually transcribed from one document/system to another.
D. I have stacks of paper everywhere, and documents sometimes go missing. Paperwork takes an inordinate amount of time, and my floors are sagging under the weight of my filing cabinets.
That’s great! Apgar CPA strives to achieve this level of service for all of our clients.
Whatever your organization’s size or business model, Apgar CPA can provide outstanding value through process automation and streamlining. We often use common software that you and your staff may already be familiar with (such as Excel, Dropbox, and Adobe Acrobat) to help you design and implement a workflow and filing system that is fully digital, organized, and secure.