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How easy is it for you to handle payroll and manage benefits?

A. My company’s timekeeping program connects directly to my payroll and accounting systems, enabling me to run payroll, manage benefits, pay taxes, and file returns with just a few clicks. My system is fully compliant with all IRS, SSA, FLSA, worker’s comp, and state treasury regulations.
B. Our payroll process takes a few hours each month, and we only occasionally receive notices of errors or late filings from tax agencies.
C. Tracking hours and benefits, running payroll, paying payroll taxes, and filing payroll reports take a lot of time and are prone to errors.
D. I don’t have any employees (yet).
That’s great! Apgar CPA strives to achieve this level of service for all of our clients.
Payroll and benefits management are often among the most confusing and time consuming processes for small business owners. Apgar CPA makes it easy with streamlined solutions that integrate with each other, such as QBO Payroll, TSheets, and Expensify.