Advisory Services

From the first decisions of a new enterprise to the pre-sale processes of a mature business, Apgar CPA can guide you through complex options and help you avoid common pitfalls. We bring years of business advisory experience to the table in a variety of industries and business practices.

Paperless Conversions

When done properly, a paperless operation benefits from lower costs, improved communication and productivity, heightened security, and reduced environmental impact. Apgar CPA is a fully modern, cloud-based firm, and we’re here to help you operate securely and digitally.

App Integrations

Regardless of your industry, process, or methods, there are dozens of apps promising to save time, boost revenues, and otherwise help your business grow and succeed. How do you break through the analysis paralysis and pick the app(s) that will work best for your situation? Apgar CPA can systematically evaluate your needs, help you select the right apps, and integrate them into your existing systems and processes.

Streamlined Payroll

If your payroll process isn’t integrated with your accounting system, you may have redundant workflows, inadequate job costing information, or inaccurate payroll filings. Apgar CPA can help you save time, money, and headaches by implementing a modern payroll system.


Small business owners often report that bookkeeping is the most time consuming, confusing, and frustrating thing that they have to do. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. We have the experience and technical knowledge to promptly gather the necessary information and accurately import it into your accounting system.

Cloud-based Accounting Software

Apgar CPA can get your company up and running in a secure, cloud-based platform that is accessible on practically any internet-enabled device. We configure the software for your company, design your workflow, train staff, and provide support.

Electronic Payment Systems

If you aren’t currently accepting electronic payments, you’re probably leaving money on the table. If you are currently accepting electronic payments, you may be paying substantially more in processing fees than you have to. Apgar CPA can help you evaluate your options and establish the best possible electronic payment system.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Your financial information should be timely, relevant, and understandable. Our accounting systems use key performance indicators, dynamic reporting, and data visualization to provide you with meaningful business information.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Apgar CPA possesses years of experience helping clients minimize their tax burden. We will ensure that your accounting system provides the necessary tax information, and review your entire tax picture with you each quarter to identify and evaluate opportunities for savings.

Automating Processes

How much time do you have to spend each month entering information from one system into another? Apgar CPA integrates apps, builds macros and custom Excel functions, and works with relational database builders on proprietary solutions when necessary.

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